How We Survived the Pandemic

The pandemic has been rough on all of us, but California Design, Printing & Marketing is still open for business! Here’s what has been happening:

• We have not lost any staff. Everyone has been working on-call as customers come in. All our staff went on Unemployment Benefits while they worked dramatically reduced hours. We were lucky to keep everyone.

• We have not lost any vendors.  Each of our vendors implemented COVID-19 restrictions differently, but they all have continued to work with us.

• We have not lost any customers. Many of our customers were forced to shut down. Now that our state has fully reopened, our long-closed customers have been returning with new requests.

• We have found new customers. Our good reputation has resulted in word-of-mouth advertising! We have successfully developed new customers into steadfast relationships. 

As our business rebuilds to its former levels, we anticipate a bright future.

How can we be of service to you?

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