How Paper Shortages Affect Your Order

It has been awhile since we communicated with everyone. We want to keep you informed on what we are experiencing as we process your orders.

The Printing Industry is experiencing many price increases as well as shortages in paper supplies.

We are doing our best to pre-order paper when we know you, the customer, will be ordering. As you know, this can be difficult because your orders are primarily based on customer demand for your product or service.

Our recommendation is for you to have a good understanding of your product inventory and plan your print orders in advance. If you are getting low, then call or email us so we can pre-order paper. Be flexible using a different thickness or type of paper as a temporary solution. Last minute orders can be troublesome.

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you through these challenging times.

Jody Moore
California Design, Printing & Marketing

909.305.8800 OR